Computer Systems

We provide bunch of wonderful products and services based on your requirements. And one of our unique capability is Custom made Computer System builds (NEW).  That is, we can help you to build a Computer System to meet your exact specifications and budget.

And we do it with industry standard parts and components. Standard motherboards. Standard cases. Standard power supplies. So it’s much easier and less expensive to upgrade or repair a system later.

No bloat-ware either. When we help you to build a custom computer, you get the cleanest, the freshest, and the fastest operating system. Free of ad-ware and other performance robbing software running in the background on your new computer.

Processors!  What kind of processor would you like to use? AMD or Intel? Let us know your requirements or leave on us.

Motherboards!  Let us help you pick out a computer motherboard that optimizes price & performance to your specifications. We have many different motherboards you can choose from.

Memory!  We can assist you with picking out the correct memory for your new computer based on the processor and motherboard you have chosen.

Cases!  We have many different computer cases on display. Do you want a basic no frills case, or do you want the ultimate expandable case to house your new  computer.

Power Supplies!  We have numerous power supplies in-stock. We can help you find a quiet power supply, or a basic power supply, or a higher wattage gaming power supply to power lots of hard drives and that awesome video card!

Video Cards!  Speaking of video cards, we carry a wide range of video cards. From older AGP video cards, on up to some of the hottest PCI Express video cards available in the market today. Do you want to game? We can help to put you in the middle of the game with great frame rates!
Our helpful staff will be delighted to assist you in picking out all the parts needed to build a complete computer system including CPU, Motherboard, Memory, Case & Power Supply, Hard Disk Drive, Optical Drive, Operating System and more.

So, in conclusion:

  1. Great selection – industry standard parts
  2. Great pricing
  3. Helpful staff

We want to offer you a wonderful user experience that is just simple and magnificent.


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