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Each decade has created more demand for information and more opportunities for information providers that deserve a quick response to market. Moiz Computers works hard to serve its customers today and continues to invest time and talent preparing for tomorrow. Our philosophy is to provide customers with a cost effective total IT solution. In today’s world of changing and complex technologies, businesses are being challenged to keep current.

In every industry, companies are looking for ways to be competitive and stay ahead of the competition. They are also looking for improved effectiveness and productivity from their employees. Most IT people and departments are being stretched or don’t have the capabilities to manage. Moiz Computers brings a team of IT professionals to manage customers growing needs. Our team has relevant market experience and certifications. This team is more capable than other people or teams because of their background. Their backgrounds include networking, multiple locations, custom programming, web development and security. This team gives businesses a competitive advantage to meet all their IT challenges and objectives. In addition, Moiz Computers does not outsource or subcontract your work so that clients receive the most value for their investment.

Presently the application of computer technology in Pakistan is growing at a very fast rate. Our objective and vision is to keep pace with the developments in the I.T industry in Pakistan, by introducing the latest and state of the art products and also advance concepts of processing systems. Our main goal remains to introduce downsizing solutions in organizations at exorbitant cost.

We believe in one vision “developing relationships and satisfying the customer”


The project deployment methodology is entirely client-centric. At the inception of the project, client needs and requirements are carefully analyzed, and objectives and expectation are clearly identified. We believe in open communication with our clients at all levels (external and internal) to ensure that commitments are met and potential problems anticipated and resolved with timely consultation in an environment of mutual respect. We aim at forging strong bonds with our clients that will last beyond the project, fostering client loyalty. Through the duration of the project we make the most of our open communication philosophy to obtain a regular assessment of our performance.


We provide comprehensive coverage to market demand in terms of support. We offer the following services with On-site support.

  • Document Printing Solution

There is an amazing demand increasing as the time is flying through. No one can rely to a mono function output device. The multi functional product is an all in one digital device that not only saves precious space by replacing several and alone units but also offers a complete and to and black and white color solution from printing and copying to scanning and faxing By introducing the MFP Moiz Computers presents the ideal device to instantly optimize your office workflow. This digital all-in-one system no only combines excellent turn out, scans and faxes capabilities but also comes with a number of versatile document management tools.

  • Preventive Maintenance Contract

Maintenance contract is a sort of agreement in which the customer enjoys comprehensive insurance of parts, services and repair of equipment’s. This saves customer’s time and cost. In this contract the customer enjoys fast complain response time, unlimited no of complaints, Preventive services of equipment’s, availability of parts and availability of backup equipment’s. The main objective of this contract is to work hand in hand to fulfill customer’s task of smooth operation of computerization for optimum efficiency and productivity. We always look Maintenance contract as long term mutually beneficial relationship with our customers.

Products Offered

HP/ Dell / Lenovo

Authorized to purchase from Authorized Dealer for Pakistan
Complete range of toners, cartridges, desktop machines, servers, notebooks, printers, scanners and downsized multi access equipment’s.


Authorized to purchase from Authorized Dealer for Pakistan
Complete line of processors, mother boards, switches and network active components


Complete range of licensed software.

Software Antivirus and Internet Security.

Complete range of Symantec Norton , McAfee & Kasper Sky Antivirus and Internet Security licensed software.


Complete range of monitors, LCD screens, DVD writers, printers.

Western Digital:

Complete range of data storage solutions.


Complete range of data storage solutions

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